Mix update..

Hi there !

Here I am again with a short update on the progress we are making on ‘ the gift of tears’ . Last couple of months we started on the mixes for songs that were finished from a recording point of view. Last weeks we did some last minute recordings and backing vocals on some songs. This weekend I will pick things up were we left last weekend and get some mixes ready for the last two song of the album.

I can tell you that we will have a track list of 7 songs and duriation of just over a hour. With a track of over a quarter of an hour (again ! ).. mixing takes serieus time and effort. If all goes according schedual, w’ll take a short break and return to the mixing console in aprox 3 weeks to finish the total mix.

I wish I could give you all a release date.. alas we can’t. As soon as we have more clearity on the mather.. you’ll be the first to know !

Other news ! Symbioses is still hot .. so hot that we are temperarily sold out at CDBaby.. No panick and no worries.. a new shipment is on its way to the US. So, the people who ordered there copies at CDBaby just hold on for a couple of days.

Thats it for now, thanks for your attention

Later !